The last date for submitting the completed forms is 15th June 2023.

Registration is free for all schools. All students from classes IX to XII are eligible to participate. The reporting time is 7:30 am.

Each school is expected to participate in at least three events.

A student cannot participate in more than two events.

The maximum number of non-participants from a school is fifty.

All participants and non-participants should be in their respective school uniforms.

LA Fest badges will be distributed at the registration desk. All participants and non-participants must wear their badges throughout the fest.

Two green rooms will be provided for each school.

The cost of a food coupon is currency_rupee300, Booking of food coupons close on 25th June 2023. Cancellation of booking is not allowed.

Vulgarity or obscenity in language or actions will lead to disqualification.

Food and beverages are not allowed in the indoor stadium.

Participating schools are expected to cooperate with the organisers and maintain a spirit of healthy competition.

The decision of the judges will be final.