In November 1996, Vivek Krishnan, Harish K., Rahul Warrier and their 12th standard classmates pleaded with the class teacher: "Madam, we need a break from the grind of textbooks and classes; let's organise an interschool arts festival." The idea gathered momentum among students. But somebody had to get the green signal from the Principal Fr. Mani Manimala. One afternoon, as the school bell rang, the teacher surrounded by students egging her on told Fr. Mani, "The students have been saying that they want to organise a festival for schools in the city." The Principal, full of energy but looking stern as ever, replied, "If you are ready to take full responsibility, go ahead." The students who overheard this were ecstatic. The teacher who had bravely conveyed the proposal could not back out. Her students would ensure that, year after year.

Indulge in Ardour, Revel in Grandeur

The Matrix has awakened and calls for the valiant. Immortalise your art with ardour. The quest for glory awaits you. Behold, the 23rd iteration of Life and Arts.


A Day in Reality An Epoch in Memory

The Colosseum reopens after an interlude of VI years. Here the fight isn’t over till only the winner stands. New heroes will rise as the giants fall, who will guide their legions to ultimate glory?


A 13 Year Old Dream of 130 Odd Loyolites

The LA Fest that never got the chance to show itself, but still was the source of inspiration for many a loyolite of the batch of 2018 and beyond. Their efforts did not go unseen…




2 Decades Of Legacy… 1 Day For Legends

The prophecy written by the ancients two decades ago has come to pass. The wheels of the celestial machinery have ever since been spinning… churning out champions. It is time to inscribe your name in the hall of legends.


Behold The 20th Dimension of The Elysium

As the heavens stand still and the gates to Arcadia open… Experience the twentieth chapter of the eternal saga which celebrates the art of life.


A Million Stars. One Supernova.

Empires aren't built in a day but legacy is made in one. A legacy of 18 has come to pass. Now the stars are realigning. Be a part of the supernova.


Our Plot. Your Story.

The meticulous craftsmanship of 17 long years. A fusillade of sheer ingenuity that tugs at your heartstrings and astounds with its aesthetic appeal. We provide the plot. Unravel your story in our theatre of dreams


Experience the Ethereal Aura of Seventeen

An idea to create something new… Something that would change the face of humanity in Trivandrum… An idea to bring Life and Arts together in an ethereal melting pot of talent…


Your Tryst with 7th Heaven

16 years down the line, the legacy continues… LA Fest the first ever inter-school fest still holds an enviable position even in the face of present day stiff competition.


Where Wars are Staged not Waged

Relive the day. Relive the art. Relive awesomeness. Relive the art of waging wars on stage. Relive LA Fest 2010, where there was life in every art.