Here is a chance to showcase your literary prowess, fight for your ideas, and challenge your intellect in this cerebral battle fought not with swords or steel, but with logic and wit. Your convictions will be tested against those of others, and the best tool you possess is your mind. Sharpen your senses, think outside the box, express yourself and revel in this singular experience we call L'ebate.

Contact Matthew K. Mathen at +91 88484 08296 for more info

Judging criteria

Analysis and reasoning

Evidence provided

Organisation and presentation of ideas

Mode of delivery including voice, language, and deportment

Command over the language


Adherence to time limits


Each school may send only one team of two members.

Offstage preliminary rounds will decide the top teams that will proceed to the finals.

In the preliminary round, each speaker will be given three minutes to speak and deliver his/her points, followed by a rebuttal. A maximum of three questions will be permitted during the rebuttal. Cross questioning is not allowed.

The finals will consist of multiple rounds, details of which will be given on the day of the event.

Participants will not be allowed to change their stance during the debate.

No new arguments may be introduced during the rebuttal. Participants should simply defend their existing arguments. Teammates cannot help each other out during the rebuttal.

A questioner may ask a fair, clear, and concise question that has a direct bearing on the debate.