Boldness, creativity, uniqueness and elegance. L'attire is an event where you need to present all these skills to put yourself ahead of others. Follow the trend or set a new one. All that matters is the outcome. So, select your frontman, create a work of art and prove yourself on the dais. Step up and conquer L'attire.

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Judging criteria

Presentation and design

Attire elucidation


Skill in handling the theme

Confidence and attitude of the models



One team representing each school, comprising 3 models and 3 designers.

Teams will be assigned a theme 6 hours before the event.

Each team is expected to prepare 3 costumes along with a minimum of 1 prop relevant to the theme.

Materials for the preparation of the costumes should be brought by the participants.

You may play music of your choice during the 4-minute ramp walk.

The designed costume must be worn over a black base.

The designers should prepare a short description of the outfits for the judges.