Listen as every chord that is struck takes you to a place supernal… As the symphony of melodies flows through the air and enters the very pores of your skin… As music infused with passion permeates the atmosphere… As your heartbeat syncs with the beats echoing around you… Listen to Harmony.

Contact Niranjan B. Kumar at +91 91882 62721 for more info

Judging criteria

Vocal quality and voice modulation

Team coordination

Creativity and improvisation

Stage Presence

Overall entertainment


A minimum of five and a maximum of ten participants are allowed in a team.

Each team has eight minutes for performance and two minutes for stage setting.

Each team must have a minimum of three instruments and not more than four vocalists.

All categories of songs are allowed, except devotional and classical songs.

USB-MIDI controllers, synthesisers and shoulder synthesisers are permitted on condition that they are pre-recorded MIDI loops.

Other pre-recorded MIDI files, rhythm boxes, karaoke, drum pads and rhythm pads are not permitted.

Six output cables, five microphones, two keyboard stands and a standard drum kit will be provided.

Additional instruments and accessories should be brought by the contestants, if required.

Amplifiers will be made available to teams upon request.