Each chord is a story, each rhythm a tale. Let us heed this sacred art in the symphony of life. Let the differences dissolve and unity prevail. Find beauty in the mundane and solace in music’s embrace. Here and now we seek the masters of melody. Welcome to this realm - a haven where we all belong. Welcome to HARMONY, where voices unite and hearts dance in tune.

For More Information please contact

Pavithra C Pradeep +91 9048879929

Judging criteria

  • Vocal quality and Voice modulation
  • Team coordination
  • Creativity and improvisation
  • Stage Presence
  • Overall entertainment


  • Teams can have a minimum of five members and a maximum of ten.
  • Each team has three minutes to set up the stage and seven minutes to perform.
  • Each team needs at least three instruments and a maximum of four vocalists.
  • All categories of songs are allowed except devotional and classical songs.
  • It is not allowed to use any other pre-recorded MIDI files, rhythm boxes, karaoke, or drum pads.
  • Shoulder synthesizers, synthesizers, and USB-MIDI controllers are allowed as long as they are not pre-recorded MIDI loops.
  • There will be a normal drum kit, two keyboard stands, five microphones, and six output connections.
  • Contestants should bring any additional instruments and accessories, like guitar pedals , cables, drumsticks etc, that they might need.
  • Teams will have access to amplifiers upon request.