Here's to those with wit so fleet. Blaze a path to your ideal throne through the uncharted territories of exploration like never before. Break down the boundaries of traditional quizzing and embark on a quest where curiosity is your compass and your wit is your greatest weapon. Legacy awaits those who dare to question. Will you solve it? Or let it define you? This is trickery at its finest, the Art of Deception. Take the leap, for Enquesta awaits its next Maestro.

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  • A maximum of four teams per school can take part in the preliminary round.
  • Each team can consist of two members.
  • The preliminary round will determine the teams advancing to the finals.
  • Only one team per school can advance to the finals.
  • In the event of a tie, starred questions in the prelims will be used for tie-breaking.
  • The top six teams will move on to the finals.
  • Questions in the finals may be presented in Pounce and Bounce, Point Auction, or Rapid Fire formats.
  • The quiz masters' decisions are final.