Fashion's allure is a timeless trance. Elegance meets extravagance, and creativity knows no bounds. You need to challenge the status quo and unleash your wildest imaginings upon the runway. Only the boldest, most ingenious designs shall triumph. It's time to defy expectations, shatter norms, and leave simplicity in the dust. Showcase your designs amidst a sea of brilliance. Will you seize the opportunity to etch your name on this iteration of L’attire? The stage is set, the spotlight awaits.

For More Information please contact

Aaron Eby +91 9074791656

Judging criteria

  • Interpretation of the theme
  • Flair in design and presentation
  • Curating bold statements using color palettes
  • Innovative manipulation of available materials
  • Demeanor of the model


  • A school can present only one team, composed of 3 models and 3 designers.
  • Teams will be assigned a theme 6 hours prior to the event.
  • Each team is expected to prepare 3 costumes and at least 1 relevant prop according to the theme.
  • Participants are responsible for bringing their own materials for costume preparation except cloth, newspapers, and cardboard, which will be provided by the school.
  • Teams may select their preferred music during the 4-minute ramp walk.
  • The designed costume must be worn over a black base.
  • The designers are required to provide a short description of the outfits for the judges.
  • The soundtrack of each school should be handed over to the event heads one day prior to the event.
  • More details regarding the materials and general conduct will be provided to all participating schools individually.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited during the event.