Take on the challenge in this battle where it matters what you know and how much of it you know. Indeed, one must seek the truth within, not without. All that matters is your ability to discern. Cut through the veils of ignorance to find the answer hidden right where you are looking. Enter the gates, for Enquesta awaits a new champion.

Contact Joel Jobby Jacob at +91 94479 76650 for more info


A maximum of four teams from a school can participate in the prelims.

There can be two members per team.

There will be a preliminary round with twenty questions to select the teams for the finals.

No more than two teams from the same school can qualify for the finals.

In case of a tie, additional questions will be asked to resolve it.

The top six teams will proceed to the finals.

Questions for the finals can be of Pounce and Bounce, Point Auction or Rapid fire format.

The quiz master's decision is final.