Block N' Tangles

Learn. Adapt. Evolve. The matrix pushes you to your ultimate potential. Work fast but never alone in this improv event. Play your part and be content or step out of the mundane, aiming for the unprecedented. Be the stroke of luck your team desperately needs and open the pathway to glory. Block N' Tangles awaits.

Contact Navaneeth V. Sankar at +91 94958 23690 for more info

Judging criteria

Spontaneous wit and humour

Creativity and uniqueness

Acting skills and stage presence

Coordination and teamwork


A school can send two teams consisting of three members each.

There will be two offstage rounds, involving a preliminary written round to decide the teams that qualify for the second group discussion round.

Four teams will qualify for the final onstage event.

The onstage event will consist of three rounds.